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The DVD : Leon the professional

 Leon the professional

Leon the professional

When I came to the end of this flick, I didn’t know how to react. Part of me was sad but that was not how I was feeling entirely. I also don’t know if I should term it as good or bad movie. But what I know is that I was amazed that I watched it up to the 132nd minute because it is action like no ordinary action movie. While the ordinary action movie is fast paced and almost makes your eyes pop out, Leon The Professional is slow paced action. You have to watch and listen attentively as Leon (Jean Reno), a professional hit man goes on about his business in the most professional of ways. He is so good. He is like an invisible man.

Before you know it, he has beaten the best security, killed someone and left, sometimes doing this in only five seconds. But when Matilda’s (Natalie Portman) family is killed and asks him to teach her how to kill so as to revenge on the killers, his mind gets clouded and becomes more emotional than professional. What makes this flick tick is that it captivates you effortlessly. When you start it, I promise you that you won’t stop till it is finished.

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