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Rouge marketing couple shifts base to Venom

Gareth and Nikita

Gareth and Nikita

Over the weekend, Club Rouge regulars were shocked to realise that the club hosts Gareth Onyango and girlfriend Nickita Bachu were missing in action. And a few of them approached Rouge boss Spear Abowe who blatantly told them that he had fired the couple.
Spear told close friends that Gareth and Nickta’s behaviour was starting to misrepresent the image of the club. However, another source close to Gareth told us that Spear had refused to pay most of his employees’ salaries alleging that the Club was not making any profits.

But before Spear took action, it is rumoured that Kabalagala-based Club Venom management had approached Gareth and Nickita and asked them to work for them; however, the couple was a bit hesitant.
But that has since changed as Nickita and Gareth joined Club Venom at the weekend.

Gareth and Nickta have already assumed the very positions they held at Rouge — Gareth is the marketing manager while Nickta became the Events Manager at Club Venom.
All the best Gareth and Nickita!

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