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The DVD :Magic Of Ordinary Days



This is a really sweet old movie of 2005. Don’t be surprised if a wide smile lingers on your face minutes after watching it. It tells a simple and ordinary story of the arranged marriage of Livvy Dunne (Keri Russell) and Ray Singleton (Skeet Ulrich) that goes well. The plot is ordinary and so is the couple, costume and the setting itself. Life is supposed to be this simple and though that sounds idealistic, when you watch this flick, you will see that it is real because the couple actually works to make this work especially the husband.

It makes arranged marriages not such a bad idea – may be love at first sight is only theoretical and we actually grow to love people. Based on a book by Ann Howard Creel with the same title, the director, Brent Shields tells the story in a very simplistic way that will draw you in. I didn’t mind that there are no twists. This might not be an easy one to come by but is worth searching for.

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