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The DVD : Abduction



This movie was made just for Taylor Lautner. You recall him from Twilight in which he acted as Jacob, right? You know how manly he is unlike Robert Pattinson? In this movie, he shows us how much of a macho man he is. And we get to see his eight-pack chest though not enough number of times. His fitting shirts make it easy to see the packs even when dressed but of course a shirtless him is better.

In here, Taylor discovers that the man and woman he thought were his parents are not his biological parents. Both are murdered just before they tell him the truth. From then on he is on a run from people he doesn’t know. But they know a lot more about him than he does. To survive he has to be smart and ready to defend himself at all times. His role required someone as furiously fit as him. He acts very well – you can’t help laughing and crying with him. This movie is mysterious and captivating. It is crazy too. It is a must watch.

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