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Mr Vegas for Club Silk’s Street Jam



The New Year’s Eve last year was such a merry one, but it went down without a major annual event on our calendars – the Club Silk Street Jam! The club’s management did not give any reasons as to why the annual event did not happen, but word has it that the sponsors were not in position to fund the event this time round. But that was last year, it is 2013 and Club Silk has great news as Jamaican singer Mr Vegas is set to perform at their Street Jam due on April 6.

Born Clifford Smith, Mr Vegas, is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall singer who has had several hits since the 90s. The last time Mr Vegas visited Kampala, he was here to perform at Gen. Mega Dee’s album launch. Though he got a sizeable crowd, that show went down in history as Mega Dee’s most successful concert. Vegas is riding high on hits like Bruck It Down and his show is guaranteed to be a success.

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