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Kadanke expands



To many the name Kadanke is all about high school fun, but to Rena Sebatta, the founder of the Hi Skool Kadanke events, the name is worth much more.
As you read this, Renal has decided to expand his Kandanke business to more than high school gigs. “We are now called Kadanke Brand House,” Renal told us.
He explained that Kadanke Brand House is the umbrella of several event segments that include the original routine high school tours dubbed Hi Skool Kadanke, the Kadanke Beach Carnival, another high school event that is organised every second term holidays and the Kadanke Vogue Magazine.

Kadanke also holds the national schools championship, another concert held every January where different schools compete in different categories ranging from dancing, beauty, fashion and music.
“Kadanke Brand House recently partnered with United Ugandans in Sweden and we will be taking a few students for a cultural exchange programme every year. Last August we took 45 students for a week in Sweden and this year we will be taking 50 students for two weeks. This is called Kadanke Diaspora.”
Kadanke Brand House also has other initiatives like the Forever Young Aids Project which is a new infotainment project aimed at fighting HIV/Aids among young people.
Last but not least, Kadanke recently partnered with Superstar Kids in a tree planting campaign. Way to go Renal.

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