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Play within your league guys

You want to make that first bold step to last a lifetime. You think about all options, pick-up lines (which most of us ladies may hate by the way), her possible likes, contacts, name it. Luckily, the moment comes up. And guess what? It is all ruined by the uncalled for whining about one’s past and what you think about the female species. Oba why do guys think that the best way to make a point is by ranting about this and that!

I mean, a guy gets a chance to sit with a lady on a date, or at work and his jazz is all characterised by how women are so materialistic of late, how he is thankful that she has probably not shown up with the whole gang (like women of late do), how he could not keep up with his previous relationship because he did not have enough dimes to sustain her, how it is so hard to trust a lady these days, gosh!

And one expects to see the light at the end of the tunnel after he has whined and put all his zibz out like that? Well, I understand, some situations are complicated and couples may break up because of this and that. Maybe times too have changed and people might value the wrong things. Guys, we know your issues. It is absurd that things get complicated as the years pass by, but please learn to get that point across without necessarily nagging.

If one has taken time to approach another and weighed his options, then it should be upon them to ensure that things go on well. To be honest, these endless complaints about this and that in relation to the women today as far as relationships are concerned is getting to our nerves.

Instead of whining about ladies’ current behaviour and demands, how about some of these guys tried to understand where exactly they lie, and hooked a lady within their league? That way they will have fewer past bad experiences to talk about while hooking up another babe.
At the end of the day, there is a particular type for every man. So if one cannot handle a certain type, then they can get one that they can handle and save us the ranting lines on Facebook, at work, first dates, blah blah blah!

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