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Every local TV presenter wants to be like Straka



Remember the Late Show days? Yes… the time when Straka as in Baiiibbeee gave a firm new meaning to local TV music shows, entertainment blah blah blah?

Now that was Straka baibee!  Her character, interesting and bold lifestyle won the hearts of many fans, critics name it.
But it also gave way to a new breed of copy cats. With many TV stations cropping up, I guess it is just inevitable to have more people wanting to have a mix up of interesting catchy programmes.

But the only zib is that a good number of them try hard to emulate the veterans, in a bid to face up to competition oba?  And I guess this explains the outstanding and irritating character of most local TV music presenters! I mean, I think they have clips of Straka hidden somewhere and when it is time to show up, they endeavor to be as loud, poorly dressed, bubbly and all over the place just like she presents her show.

Even if the volume on the TV screen is low, one cannot avoid the highly pitched voices from the presenters all coupled up with a seemingly shabby look. Oba what happened to being original and letting people appreciate varying talents? Should we just assume that their niche market prefers loud, disorganised noise and looking like clowns in the name of entertainment? One would think they are speaking to deaf people, given the hopping and distractive movements, eeish!

Now, the worst part is when they even cease to add the informative aspect to the programme but instead choose to yap about all the irrelevant issues at hand. Imagine taking a music break and immediately after, one starts to send greetings to all the people in all the possible local places around town, after which they take another music break and immediately continue with the greetings upon which they close the show shortly after.

And you go like, what is wrong with them? I know that when one sets a trend in this country, it is very hard to get another having one of their own. I shall forever by baffled by our low levels of creativity.
At this rate, we need divine intervention. If Straka’s bubbly, “I don’t care persona” managed to grip this country and make her a household name with people still watching her show and enjoying it (if not for the weird dress code, it is for the laughter or way of presenting etc) it does not automatically imply that, that is how things should be done.

I suggest that other local TV presenters should stop copying Straka’s loud tone, nonstop yapping as if they are getting rid of all the oxygen in their lungs, weird dress codes and hairstyles (as if they are mad) and give us a touch of originality. Trust me, the fans will still appreciate them the way they are, in the same way that they did to Straka.

And above all, they should not forget the purpose of the mics which ensure that they are audible hence no need to shout to be heard. Also I presume there are better things to talk about, than have a show full of greetings. We are all blessed with different attributes so I hope to see that soon otherwise KTM!

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