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The other day, on one of the local TV stations, I watched a clip of a young school girl who at a tender age makes bricks for sale, to earn a living and supplement her parent’s tuition and earn her own upkeep.

On another occasion, I was moved by a female askari who, on top of guarding the gate, sells honey from her village. So, instead of begging for a coin or two, the lady requests one to buy at least a litre of her honey.

My mind immediately switched to the number of prostitutes who desperately stand along different streets to earn a living, the millions of people that cry and complain over the rising unemployment rates, the many employed but dissatisfied people who complain about their “little” salary, the students at various institutions of learning who forever complain about the little pocket money given to them by their parents and how they devise all the wrong means to supplement it and above all, the hundreds of criminals who indulge in theft and corruption and I was forced to wonder if they have ever thought about life and exhausted all the “clean options” to making a living!

I mean, could it be that they have not seized the opportunity to utilise their extra skills or are human beings too lazy sometimes to even care and have that determination to make the best out of life? So one does not have a job, they do not have that extra money to do what they want, so what? Have they thought about the fact that God was clever enough to avail us with hands, legs and above all, a brain plus extra talents to ensure we till the land (read world) and make the best of every situation (read-earn a living)? So why are we stuck up, being lazy, keep expecting and waiting for the “spoon-feeding” moment to drop by?
The two ladies above are a sign that money does not have to come from copying what someone else started, as if all ideas are exhausted, and it certainly does not have to come from stealing or abusing one’s body in the name of making a dime!

It can be as easy as seizing the best situation to exploit and going for it instantly. The young girl saw the need of bricks in her area and she used her energy to make them and make the most of it. The askari saw the need of richly made, original honey and she grabbed the bull by the horns. For you, it could be the need for cute baby clothes by colleagues in your environment who are too lazy to go down town and grab them, it could also be anything from cute buttons, tasty fruit, anything – hope you catch my drift, remember I am not here to spoon feed you with ideas by the way.

We are so tired of people begging on the streets yet they are full bodied and of sound mind. We are tired of hearing all sorts of lame excuses mbu I joined prostitution because I had to provide for my family, I became a street child because I had no other alternative but to hit the streets and beg, do heroine and suffer, we are tired!
If all these people just for once, thought positively and stopped to whine and think about what the rich man next door-(read people with ka little money) could do to change their situation, and instead took time to work, in any way, I mean, doing anything, we would have less of a headache. But most of all, they would be happiest because at the end of the day, when you think and work smarter, you enjoy your money, not us. So get practical people!

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