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Cops are arresting drunk drivers for showbiz?

I still insist that when it comes to getting excited over activities as they happen, my country takes the lead. I mean we have this tendency of hyping up even the smallest issue only for the hype to die out the next day or week, aha!
With the latest, being the so called effort by the Uganda Police to reduce road accidents by curbing drunk drivers.

Yeah! The police are at it and we appreciate it all. In fact they have taken it a notch further to grabbing those who drive while using mobile phones. The police peeps are too excited and are ready to show us how serious they are.

And while most road users are busy getting traumatised by this exercise on top of employing all possible ways to avoid the cold chambers after a fun night out, these cops are busy standing amidst excitement at every spot to make news.
Unfortunately this excitement has that uncalled for touch that really bothers me. I do not see the need to embarrass the culprits by grabbing them on camera for news clips, having their names published in any interested media house as if they are not going to spend the night behind closed bars, you know?

This reminds me of high school, where class performance results would be pinned at the notice board and the poor performers would hide in all corners for a week due to the embarrassment.

Seriously, instead of showing us a drunk lady or guy (an adult at that), humiliating themselves when they are further going to pay the price behind closed bars, how about an accident caused by a drunken driver, is shown in its place, so that we get an extra relevant angle to the after effects of drinking under the influence?

This thing of taking every effort to show us that they are a busy force seems like a child who will only wait for her parent to pass by and then it picks the broom to sweep, just to show they are responsible yet it can still do the work, and the neat floor will do the talking.
In this case, the police can still work, whether we see all the drama or not, we shall appreciate it all and the culprits will also learn their lessons after serving their punishments. Remember these are a bunch of adults with families, responsibilities and a reputation to protect so pinning them all over the press just to show that someone is doing their job is oba how?
Also, can these exercises go on throughout the week as opposed to weekends (mainly) as if that is the only time that bars sell alcohol and people drive cars?

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