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Fashion tip : Velvet suit

Velvet suit

Velvet suit

Velvet is a fabric associated with nobility, but men have to be cautious wearing it. Wearing a velvet suit could get you turning heads for the wrong reasons, try mixing it with other fabrics.

I  saw a guy wearing a velvet or corduroy suit or thereabout. It was not a pretty sight. Not that the suit was oversize or anything, there was just something wrong with a complete suit made of fluffy velvet especially since it was purple. So it got me thinking, what is so wrong about a man in velvet? Nothing. So what is so wrong with a man in a velvet suit. Everything! It just looks wrong especially when he tries to dress it up like a normal suit complete with tie and dress shoes for a black tie event.

Here’s why: Velvet, even for women who pull of a lot of things is hard. It is the one fabric that stands squarely between tacky and classy. Spandex which is the other that comes close tends to lean heavily on the tacky and less on the classy; besides, I am yet to see a man in anything spandex.

It is not like denim that anyone can wear, no, a guy who wants to wear velvet has to work it. Here are tips on how to.
Wear it separate: As in no full on velvet suit. Choose a blazer or the pants and work them with regular clothes. A velvet blazer for example, works for an evening event. You can throw it on anything which you would wear a blazer to.

Colours: Avoid shouting colours like purple for the pants even if you are wearing them separately. They just look weird.

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