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Why is Zari hanging her dirty linen in public?

Zari and Hubby

Zari and Hubby

I do not know about you but that ad from one of the Telecom companies featuring an old couple dumping each other mbu because one found somebody younger was not tasteful. For a moment I wondered if they had thought about its negative implications on society. But again, whoever came up with the concept could have wanted to put his point across by injecting a little bit of sarcasm evoked from varying societal issues.

Yeah! Like these social wannabes or celebrities (just to drive the point home faster) who have made it a trend to publicly call off their relationships as if anyone really cares in the first place, you know?
I mean we have seen all sorts of “female celebrity cry-babies” openly ranting about their before and after relationship experiences as if, I repeat, we really care to know! From those who have been beaten up to those who have caught their spouses cheating, we have seen it all! But in all this, the trophy goes to socialite wannabe Zari Hassan.

This is one woman I look at and fail to understand what really goes on in her mind and above all what she really stands for as a woman. Picture this. She is a mother of three, has openly made her commitment known to the father of her kids through an open introduction ceremony, which she later snaps out of because of a series of issues. She openly “moves on” for a while but again bounces back to her original place.

Now, this unending circus of zibs is evidently characterised by a cheap persona that feels the public needs to know all the nitty gritties involved. Yes! She will inform all and sundry about her marital issues. At one point, the hubby beats her, then he is not man enough, so she has replaced him with another dude complete with the height and abs but again she runs back to the so called “incompetent hubby” and informs us that the other “seemingly complete guy” was not man enough!

Jeez! Where are her morals? Would she die if she saved us from all this uncalled for info? Does Zari ever think about the effect of this rubbish on her kids? And well does she realise how ridiculous she may seem in the public eye, where she washes all her dirty linen? I think this behaviour is a total disgrace to womanhood.

No offence but when I see such character from her and all the other women who care less about the repercussions of their actions, I am forced to sit and wonder over the environments in which they were raised. And if they have ever understood what a woman stands for in a home and society.

Anyways here is some piece of advice. Next time you want to share anything about your life (if you must that is), do it with decency such that it can play a positive impact on your family and society. Exposing all that you went through, have gone through, will go through, openly to the public, may not avail a solution but will instead win utter mockery, further insults and the wrong image in the end.

So spare us the “sympathy search antics.” I mean if no one was present when another made their bed amidst whatever circumstances how do they expect them to even understand that they are cheating, are being beaten hence have let go?

Be woman enough. Keep that private side to yourself and find a better way to deal with that “not so rosy relationship.” In the end, we all know the challenges that might come with the institution of marriage. So just do us a favour and accord some respect to womanhood, if not for yourselves, for the children and generations that might just look up to you.

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