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Private plates on cheap cars!

The first time I saw a Rav 4 with personalised plates, I got shocked for a moment and let it go immediately after. I just did not want it to stain my memory of all those nice, expensive rides with befitting names (read personalised plates).

But then, weeks after, I saw a Mitsubishi Pajero and a Toyota Noah in the same boat and I went like; kyaaba too much!

Eh! As if some people do things to startle others and make them dumb for a few minutes. But again, I doubt such cases happen out of the blue since it all entails planning and other procedures, right? Just know the whole effort invested to understand such people gets me close to losing my senses.

I mean why do people stress out over certain things that are beyond their reach? I cannot imagine seeing a sleek Mercedes Benz 4Matic for example with personalised plates and then I quickly dash to get a personalised plate for my Rav 4 as if the difference is not obvious. Talk of serious zibs eating up our society!

Now let me tell these friends of ours a thing or two about the after effects of acting without thinking. When they choose to have personalised registration plates, they should make sure that the ride commands the called for status, otherwise they become a laughing stock.

Also, whenever  they  take the trouble to put an expensive personalised plate on a cheap car, they make it our business to do all the calculations after which we rate their act and immediately put them in a certain not-so-cool category.

And it does not matters if they try to get crafty and place numbers after the name to give the impression that there could be five or more cars parked in their compounds. Yes, Kampala is a very small town so we shall definitely look out for the number 2 or 5 bearing that name and we shall definitely never see it. So take a chill pill until you have the means.

We cannot have as much money as those rich guys, but if we do not have something which we need so much, we should tie a rope around our necks, afterall it is not oxygen. These stunts of trying to prove we have “arrived” only make people laugh at us.
Why not just top up the money you use for a private plate to acquire a cooler ride?

Anyways when I see all this drama around us, I am forced to concur with that popular saying, “You can take one out of the village but can never take the village out of them,” Ahem!

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