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Why live beyond your means?

Imagine this, you are driving on the Northern By-pass at around 9pm and you see a desperate man, pouring fuel into a sleek Range Rover Sport, through a funnel from a ka five-litre-jerrycan!
Next day, you spot a Mercedes Benz ML, clamped by Multiplex for parking fee penalties along the dusty streets of Kampala.

Eh! Oba what is wrong with my countrymen of late? Whatever happened to living within one’s means? To be honest the sight of the Range Rover Sport running out of fuel was both sad and alarming.
And why should one buy a car that they cannot manage? It’s like the popular musicians that choose to cruise two or more humongous and very expensive cars yet they still have to pay for rent. I just wonder how some people’s brains operate.

I mean, why should one choose to lead a life that pleases the public while they struggle to make it through every day and hour? I do not know if that Range Rover even managed to ignite after the ka five litre jerry can of fuel was poured into it!
Trully, one can pay millions for school but they can never buy class, such peeps are a living example, without a doubt.

Oh Kampala, I imagine these people sometimes even have only one meal on some days, but they manage to floss in such posh rides with eyes locked up in cheap shades and windows up but even fail run the AC.

Truth be told, some cars deserve all their due respect. If one is going to buy an expensive ride, then they should be ready to foot all the expenses that come with it. And please do not give me the “mind your business” jazz because I just cannot, sorry to disappoint.
This business of people trying too hard to make a statement may not always work. So, my humble advice is that one should only stretch as far as their hands can reach and stop assuming a status that they have not yet attained. Otherwise, they will forever get embarrassed. Enough said!

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