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What legacy will you leave?

The Late Mulwana

The Late Mulwana

Let us spare a few seconds to think about our life and imagine all the stuff that would be said, written and talked about us, if, (God forbid by the way), any of us was pronounced dead today.

We are all afraid of death, but if you think people will speak well of you when you are gone, then you probably have done well with your life and treated those around you well.

Now I am certain, one or two people might ask, why is she talking about this? I will tell you why. On Tuesday morning, I woke up to the sad and disturbing news about the death of renowned Ugandan businessman and industrialist James Mulwana.

As a common case in this country where topics heat up and fizzle out with the same energy, this was not spared at all fronts. From the social networks to other media channels, a huge number said lots of good things about this humble man. The best part of it all is that all the messages seemed genuine and coming from the different age groups to professional calibers, name it.

As opposed to common cases, of mixed feelings upon the death of prominent people, where one wants to speak the truth but are bound by the popular saying, “You do not speak ill of the dead” to which they hypocritically try to abide by.

Without hesitation, I imagined our current situation today, full of rich spoilt brats, adults stuck in kids skin doing all sorts of unnecessary stunts to prove they are loaded, the ever increasing class of corrupt officials who embezzle funds, attain wealth through short cuts after which they step and arrogantly trample over everybody’s head, the many wannabes who are so full of local egos and all kinds of people that get us sick to the bone.

So what if all the above wrong categories of people took some time off, and faced up to reality by critically analysing and borrowing a leaf from the good example set by this humble man who worked so hard for his wealth and above all, tried to lead a stress free and disciplined life that has had him leave a worthwhile legacy?

I mean would they die if for once they worked at putting a stop all the selfishness and avoiding wrong deeds by being morally upright? I mean from January to January headlines are full of scandals, court hearings, circus just with just one thing written all over, “sheer greed.” And one wonders if such a lot have a conscience or ever think about the fire in hell!

Jeez! It’s such a pity that this nation has lost a good man with great morals, a superb role model to many generations, who has gone too soon. All that we have left are his good deeds and the legacy that he has left behind plus the strong and prominent name – James Mulwana.
Like they say, no man is perfect and for everything that happens, there is a reason and lesson for us all.

While some people may not care about what is said after they leave the land of the living, I think it makes sense to mind about the legacy left at the end of it all.
Isn’t that what matters after all has been said, lived and done? Now that’s some food for thought!

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