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Bad Black who was recently born again and out of prison is an aspiring musician

1.Mbu Bad Black who was recently born again and out of prison is an aspiring musician, eeeh. God, what have Ugandans done to deserve this?

2.That she is about to release songs she composed in prison. Songs? There is more than one?

3.Should we be thankful that she at least got out early, before she finished an album?

4.But really, Bad Black singing about what? I am a golodi digger?

5.Naye this lady can want; she wants to sing a song called Ugandan Girls? Eeeh Gosh, who is going to sign her. Biigi Talent?

6.No seriously, if it is giving a song an English title, then singing only in Luganda, it is Kenzo of Biigi Talent that does that. Doesn’t Black’s swag fit into Biigi Talent?

7.By the way, can this girl even say the name of the man who took her to court? Can you say Greenhalgh dear aspiring musician Black?

8.Aaa not Gurini hagi, Greenhalgh, you know, pronounce the r like NTV’s Robyn Kisti forcing an accent. Grrrenhalgh. Can you do that?

9.Eeeh not ara. Maama Bad Black, we may have to call Mesach Semakula to coach you in saying the rrrrr, you know like a nkuba cheyo on her first holiday back home.

10.Ha, I have just remembered Mesach Semakula is not any better. Mbu the only thing he can teach you is how to incorporate ooo in all your songs. Maybe I put you with Ladyrr Birrzou, the queen of forcing accent?

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