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Date with a celeb : Sizzaman meets fan, Simon Peter

Simon Peter (left) and Sizzaman hanging out. Photo By Edgar R. Batte

Simon Peter (left) and Sizzaman hanging out. Photo By Edgar R. Batte

(Sizzaman Kayemba had Simon Peter hang with him, talking about his career and life in the music industry.)

Why did you choose to call yourself Dictionary?
A dictionary is a lexicon, all the words are therein. Everyone is in a dictionary, everyone is in me. Chameleone is in the dictionary, Peter Miles is in the dictionary, Fire Base is in the dictionary, events are in the dictionary. Therefore everyone is in me.

You are quiet man!
You just haven’t listened to the new music yet, there are so many DJs today and I can’t reach out to all of them. Once I get the music to the main suppliers, then it will get to you but the Betting video is having commendable airplay. I have four new songs and in the middle of next year, I will release an album and hold a concert.

Do you have an album ready?
Like I said, only four songs are done. In these new songs, I’m trying to both advance my style and allow my fans transit slowly such that they don’t lose direction. You know the Jamaicans say, “you dance a yard before you dance abroad.” It means can’t be a superstar in America when you don’t have a reputation at home, it’s very awkward.

There are so many new artistes, don’t they give you creeps?
I don’t have competition, my fans are my fans. The style of music I do is but my originality. There are so many good upcoming artistes like some guy called Culture, the only problem is very few are known. Our stars are known because they either have talent, money or politics.

People used to say that you used TV presenter Straka to assume fame!
But wasn’t my music good? I’m not a one hit wonder, I have had plenty of hits. Tabloids wrote things, but did I ever publically proclaim my involvement with any person during any of the interviews I had? People have fantasies and dreams, you can’t stop that.

I see you have many tattoos, what inspires them?
If I don’t have tattoos done on my body then who will? Corporates that work in offices? Of course they can’t have them and yet tattoos are there for people to adorn. The last people I was afraid to have find out that I was “going astray” were my parents, but since they now know and are now okay with me doing music and since I earn money out of it, I have no problem having tattoos either. They are part of showbiz. The tattoos I have are international brands, they reassure my future, I am going international.

What style of music do you like most?
Dancehall is my favourite genre because it is what I do. Surprisingly it’s not what I like most, but unfortunately, our audience is limited, unlike Jamaicans or Nigerians who speak a similar language. Here, when you make compose English song, only campusers can understand it. Therefore, I try to target everyone with the kind of music I do. I draw inspiration from experiences everyone can relate to because,  I have been there, everywhere.

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