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What goes around comes around



They say, “Pride comes before a fall” right? Now, whoever thought this was a lie should take a look at that Desh Kananura guy aka “the owner of Panamera Bar who is on the run” for a clearer picture. And he has exaggerated the adage by further exposing how ungrateful human beings can be.

You wanna know how? Well, here is the gist. This guy’s business acumen, spelt out the need to milk our Kampala night life from a new fresh angle, ummn. A bar was born with a catchy name and look. Yep; judging from the two times I was there, I could see that the Kampalans were already excited and this made Desh smile endlessly. He had hit the jack pot or so he thought?
But with the way things turned out, I wonder if the dude has skeletons in the closet? Or did he just set up sick rules for his employees  like he owned the world? So why is he now on the run? We know the answer to that, don’t we? He is being hunted down for allegedly beating up one of his employees to death!

It is a complex matter, I tell you. It is hard to understand. Is it that the workers are not allowed to have money on them while at work? The poor guy was apparently found in the possession of Shs30,000, he was beaten up on assumption that he had stolen it. Poor thing lost his life eventually (may his soul R.I.P).

In this era, how can people take advantage of fellow human beings in such insane ways? Mbu no one is supposed to keep cash while at work? So what if it was a tip? Is it wrong for one to get tipped for their service? And oba, how much was this dude paying these people that he deemed it unfit for them to have any other dimes apart from what he gave them.

As for the employees? Why did they have to accommodate that to the point that one of them had to die? And the police that took forever to arrest the dude paka he had to flee as if….?
It is unbelievable that in this day and age, there are employers that harass employees in such insane ways. But the fact that someone can flee, is a clear sign that they are not above the law or should we say, is scared of the repercussions of his sick acts.

My point? This story should serve as an example that no one has the right to mistreat another and smile away as if they own the planet. We on the other hand, have the choice to speak out or pretend life is kawa until we lose a loved one, then speak, when it is too late.
These guys should have sneaked the info to any public mouthpiece or forum.
I guess with the above, backed by coherent cooperation from the concerned authorities, I can see such people getting served real good; not even smiles so bright like those of people that have just won a gold medal can be tolerated.
I hope Desh gets nabbed before we celebrate Uganda’s next 50 years.

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