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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos


Stuck in the glorious past



You know those moments when you are enjoying a bite at this nice restaurant and the local waitress chooses to tune in to a different local station while smiling? Yeah, it happened to me but I was too hungry to complain so I let her be, as she giggled away.

Anyways some track played. I looked once, took my tea and by the time I turned back, a familiar face was blubbering;“…That song, Acoustic Gal was sung by Shanks Vivi Dee a well-known Ugandan artiste. And for those of you who do not know, him, he is the first Ugandan that did  Dancehall music. He was born in… started singing….. etc,” went the bubbly dude. Ahem! Shanks Vivie Dee himself was introducing Shanks Vivie Dee on his supposed show Reggae Mix on Star TV. And was I startled?

For starters, the fact that he decided to play on our minds by talking about himself on his own show in second person, as if to refer to another person, was drama itself.
Eh! But people are bold in this country. And if he did it for attention, then, it sure did work. And after a full listing of his gyenvudde by himself, it hit me that indeed, while in my primary school, I remember nodding my ka head to some of his bu tracks like Bamusakata.

Then I started to wonder. What was this dude doing on Star TV presenting a ka music show yet he launched Dancehall music in Uganda? Wouldn’t it be more logical if he was seated somewhere enjoying all the respect that comes with the title “King Of Ugandan Dancehall” on top of being begged by all these music wannabes to at least feature in their songs as opposed to all this bouncing and swinging on the screen, in the name of TV presenting?

Banaye, where is the word ambition? Besides, what happened to the green pastures out there in foreign countries? I mean at one point these guys made a name and disappeared immediately after. Suddenly, they all resurfaced to pick up from where they left only that the game had changed! Rasta Rob for example, on top of using the same name (kale this can pass) he still gives the same phrases in that same local northern accent as if he has forgotten that Oulanya Colombus took over and even  retired ages ago!

Then we have this Shanks wanting to do music in the same way and at the same time enjoy the same fame he had way back then! Banaye these guys should know that people move on and hell yeah!

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