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Why do our events promoters bring artistes that were hits 10 years ago?



1.Why do our events promoters bring  artistes that were hits 10 years ago? That was even before Facebook, c’mon, Sisqo really?

2.And while we are at it, why are you even bringing us anyone? Isn’t it just daylight robbery to ask for 150k for a simanya gold or tin ticket to see a washed out star or a one hit wonder  sweat on stage for one hour?

3.And why do people insist on including “entertainment” on your company name  when you are only known for flopped shows and bringing  “has beens” ?Mbu so and so entertainment,ha!ha! Who have you entertained?

4.Speaking of “has beens”, if Sisqo could come here and perform, can we also export Mega Dee, seeing as he could easily be the local equivalent? Surely if he got a crowd as the one Sisqo got would be a great improvement, no?

5.On our artists and their performances, what is it with Eagle’s Productions and album launches every month? Isn’t it enough that we allow them to pose as a band even if none of them can play an instrument to save their life? Now we have to let them misuse the word album also?

6.And why do we insist on album launches when the fans only care for one song? Or does album mean a photo one seeing as the average Ugandan artiste  has  more promotional pictures than songs in said album.

7.Can someone tell us why the artistes have to blatantly beg in the name of cd auction seriously? What is the difference between them and hawkers on the street. Eeeh, that the artistes have the decency to kneel, ooh, I see now.

8.How long is someone supposed to retain the upcoming artist title? Yes that’s to all of you posers who have been coming up for years, how far are you coming from?

9.And then who decides an artiste has arrived? One song, or a video? Isn’t it funny to see a chap who was just lucky and because his one song was a hit behaving as if he owns the world?

10. For Mowzey and Weasel, why are you stuck in 2010?Why does every new song sound suspiciously similar to the other one. Are you just changing the words and recycling the beat?

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