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19-year-old MP shows this generation can achieve anything

Alengot Proscovia

Alengot Proscovia

Well, think about this, you are an old ambitious man. You have planned strategically to lead a certain group of people and own up to a position in society. Above all, this plan can avail a source of income and of course an opportunity to stand tall in society, right? Then guess what? A 19-year-old, fit to be your child, comes and whisks it all away in the blink of an eye!

Ahem! Wonders shall never end I am telling you. Like seriously, I cannot imagine what was going on in Charles Ojok Oleny’s mind as Proscovia Alengot Oromait was declared winner of the Usuk county by-elections.
Okay, let me not go there because I might just laugh bambi.
So what happened to this thing of “old” people not being challenged? It seems in Proscovia’s world these things do not exist.

In fact, when I saw her comments over the news and realised that she had already created a funky short form of her area, I hear, “the people of UK…. Usuk…” I went like, now check! Before we know it, she will have introduced that “TMI, BRB, LOL …” kind of language to the Parliament as she emphasises her point that “It is not all about the age but the brain,” aha, these children of today!

So if I may ask, what has become of Ugandan politics? Or should I simply let this question rest (considering that all of you out there might have a trillion answers to throw back at me) and simply concentrate on this generation and how it has come with so many surprises, huh?

“G” parents have given birth to “G” kids so we can expect anything of late. I bet when the likes of Bebe Cool, Chameleone see how things are so “G” they wish that they too were born during these times, where everything is positive, from dreads to the possibility of taking up a music career from a tender age- given the many challenges that they had to face for making certain choices in life but nonetheless, we appreciate that they championed this to what it is at the moment.

Also, all those women who got preggers and were banished from home as punishment, too might wish that they existed in this generation where morals are instilled in a not so harsh way, ha!
I guess, this why even 19-year-olds can rise to the challenge and exploit this modern and “G” society to the fullest!

Now, I wish that all the other kids can do the same instead of getting wasted at these new and old hang out joints whenever the need arises. Yes, they could exploit this liberty to be anything they want from a tender age. I mean, make money through utilising every little talent/quality that they have to become young mullahs! Now, wouldn’t that be worth a life time? Think about it peeps!

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