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The track : omanyi mukama- Radio and weasel



Radio and Weasel are likely to think they pulled a fast one on us. They may think we will fall for all the pious reverence and acts of religiosity on this song, as a true sign of repentance and bringing one’s life to the Lord. But we are smarter than that. It is very likely that as they sang a redo of the Amazing Grace hymn at the end of this song, they were probably looking forward to another fight or brawl or binge or whatever form of sinful vanity that musicians very often partake.

But ah well, the duo deserves praise for having decided to rise against the tide of modern day musician decadence and opulence to give us a strictly gospel song, all acting as if they mean every single word of it.

Omanyi Mukama is good old Weasel and Radio at their skunking reggae finest, with the strum of the bass guitar in perfect sync with the drums … just the way reggae should be. Radio’s voice waltzes across the fader as Weasel’s animations intermittently check in. They sing in praise of the Lord God Almighty, glorifying Him for being the protector, the defender, the way, the truth and the life.

These fellows sing as if they have just returned from an alter call where they gave their lives to Christ.
And isn’t it thus very interesting that such a song will not really make them more Christian than they were before they sang it? Or will it?

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