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Football star Wasswa’s girlfriend expecting

Turkey-based soccer star Hassan Wasswa is known for his endless partying whenever he is in town. However, that seems like yesterday for Wasswa; the defender is in town and he has hardly stormed any hangout for the past two weeks. Maybe because it is Ramathan season – just may be.

We bumped into Wasswa at Nakumatt, Oasis Mall, earlier this week and we now fill you in on why the Kayseri player is missing on the party scene. Wasswa told us that he is a dad in waiting, so he spends most of his time home with his longtime girlfriend Bukirwa Mawanda.

To spare us any reason to doubt, Wasswa opened the back door of his car and Bukirwa came out looking just fit to burst. Wasswa told us that Bukirwa is due anytime soon and he promised we will be the first to know! All the best Wasswa and Bukirwa!

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