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Move with your own company

So the weekend draws nearer and there is lots of proggie. You wish you could be in all places at the same time, blasting like there is no tomorrow. Unfortunately, the pockets ain’t smiling but there is a friend who is not so psyched up about the weekend despite having all the required passes. And this sounds like the ideal opportunity for you to exploit this, be up and about regardless, right?

I am beginning to believe that all those babes who step out with no company, experience such things before they head out.

Ahem! Just the other day, I experienced this scenario for the fourth time oba? This smartly dressed babe sat next to us (me and my company). Next thing we knew, she was eavesdropping and commenting/contributing to our jazz as if she was part of it generally. Just know it was too hard to ignore her effort. At some point she introduced herself and said she was pleased to meet us – her friends. All this happened before she got too blazed, blacked out for a while until she woke up to give us directions to her place, gosh!

Babe almost gave us a heart attack. At some point even dropping her off was a scary thought, to say the least. Like seriously? We did not know her. Thank God it went on well, pheux!

One wonders. Why should someone be that bold, in the name of partying? Are they aware of the dangers that come with stepping out on their own and getting that careless? We could have been a bunch of evil people, you know? And then that bit of forcing themselves on others is another irritating thing all together.

Let’s break it down for a second. One hardly knows the other, so making up the ka new phase of jazzing is always a tight paper. Then by the time most people step out, they have their own company and intend to enjoy the moments in ways that make sense to them. Baby-sitting, taking care of lost souls may not be a huge part of their menu.

So, these guys who just love to party without thinking about the repercussions should style up. Nobody wants to dress up, step out, and then have another ruining the whole thing. Next time as one listens to all that proggie lined up for the weekend, they should also decide on the company, as opposed to appearing solo, and proving to be a burden to everyone as if they know you. That group of people can be a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly. So one might just land on the bad, and regret it for the rest of their life.

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