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Artiste managers form association

That the Ugandan music industry has grown is an understatement; our music industry is booming! And as such, almost every artiste has someone they refer to as their manager today! Some of the managers are personal friends or sycophants, but they help the artistes in different ways! While artistes have managed to form a few groups that bring them together, the managers had all along worked as individuals until last Tuesday.

Mobilised by Emma Carlos, one of the pioneer artiste managers in Uganda, the managers met at Steak Out Bar last Tuesday and agreed to start an association. The association has since been dubbed Uganda Talent Managers Association (UTAMA).

At the inaugural meeting, significant names such as Aly Allibhai (Talent Africa), Musa Kavuma (Bebe Cool), Lawrence Labejja (Fire Base crew), Sserugo Emma (Bebe Cool), Sam Mukasa (Leone Island), Isaac Ssejjombwe (Ug Records Ent.), Thaddeus Mubiru (Iryn Namubiru), to mention but a few turned up.

Among the things the artiste managers discussed was the eligibility to join as well as opening an account to save funds for the association. The talent managers are due for another meeting at National Theatre next Tuesday! This may or may not bode well for the artistes. Only time will tell.

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