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Why not dress up for the occasion?

Well, without a doubt, I am as guilty as charged when it comes to loving cars. Especially, the kinds that can make an instant, lasting impression and are as comfortable as an old shoe. Yes! If wishes were horses, I would have as many cars as the hair on my head, lol…

In that case, the fact that I had to go to the Vintage, Classic and Auto show should not come in as a surprise, right? Yep; to stare, dream, touch and appreciate the term vintage in another context, you know?

And to also acknowledge the fact that some brilliant brains out there managed to give Uganda’s social scene a breath of fresh air in such innovative ways.

I mean, everything seemed dead! From the perpetual launches that have lost meaning, the new trend of music battles between artistes (which have failed to pick up by the way) to the monotony of annual social events like the goat races, gosh! We were heading for disaster. I actually thought I was going to die of boredom but the heavens evidently listened to my loud cry!

I had a blast by the way. The optical nutrition (read vintage rides) was superb but that was not all. My unending sense of humour was prompted by the usual misplaced lot that never ceases to amuse me. Oba why don’t they give up? I am talking about that class of Ugandans that does not know how to dress-up according to the function. The sort that does not have the right etiquette to suit a social event. The type that has forever failed to understand their interests, likes and dislikes but simply go with the flow and in the long run, look as bored as ever. But why do they have to go through the torture, jeez!

Then I had time figuring out what was going on in some other people’s heads as they prepared for this event. Picture this, one hears of a motor show taking place during the day and the first thing that crosses their minds is a super shimmering dress (coupled with the sun, it can kill the eyes) backed by spiky stilettos, a purse and off they head off to the do! Isn’t this madness?

Then another quickly plucks out the shortest number in their wardrobe as they head out, of course in full gear with the high heels and all the other funny details just in time to make you wonder who their ideal friends are because they would never let such a thing happen in the first place!

And for some reason, there are those that do not know how to behave, respect rules and handle themselves while in society. For example, I was perplexed to see an old man, in the company of his family (wife, grown up kids) drinking to full blast and getting blazed to the point that he had to stagger his way out! His family braved the walk of shame out of the V.I.P section and left him to toil amidst dramatic stumbles and I thought to myself, “What a life”!

But the winner was that annoying dude who together with his girlfriend decided to take random photos but landed on someone in a very wrong mood. The dude tried to explain himself but the two ladies were not impressed and to make matters worse, he asked for their numbers in the due course. Okay who does that? A clear case of falling from the pan to the fire for real!

But whoever told people that all Ugandans love having their photos taken even without solid reason? We understand that if this happened to any socialite wannabe, it would be well reciprocated but why should one have their good moments ruined by a flash from an uncalled for camera? Such people need to style up me’hnn, it’s just uncouth!

As for those daughters of Jezebel who have no idea about how to dress up for particular functions and end up scandalising all and sundry and they should oba do us all a favour and visit Google for tips before they show up (I even doubt we are speaking the same language) but It will save us all the pain!

At the end of the day, not only do they torture the little ones’ eyes (especially if it is a family event like this sort) but they also seem misplaced, cheap and local! Now who would want to be all that after paying some dimes to enter for any given event? (He he… perhaps, I am just assuming and the entrance was as if manna from heaven?) Ahem!

But that aside, I enjoyed the display of these vehicles and of course wondered as to why the owners did not save us the monotony of having us view new rides mbu bought by some show-offs by, driving these cars once in a while for us to constantly enjoy the sight and establish the true worth of quality, right?

Pardon me but I shall not go into the details of what my favourite car was, nope! I will not openly do maalo just like that, but in a few words, I seriously await the next show. Enough said!

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