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Some people are very annoying

For some reason Bruno Mars is on my mind, “Today I don’t feel like doing anything…” True story! I cannot even slap a mosquito off my hand! I don’t know if you believe me (like I care anyways) but I do not want to get angry at anything. So help me God because for once I just want to try and be happy about almost everything! Yes, to be a ka blonde in fantasy world where everything is embraced regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

Where one can dream about and get excited about all those small things that do not matter to a sane person? And in this case, the new item in my handbag (which happens to be my pair of shades by Roberto Cavalli) oba comes in handy? So I can stare at them while giggling, analysing every detail like I have nothing better to do … Basically, I am a mish mash of sorts so perhaps anything will pass. Even sitting dormant, having my nails spread out so that they do not chip. And I am normal by the way so do not get worried namwe! I know you believe me coz duh, this can happen to anyone, anywhere, right?

And trust me, while in this chillaxing mode, the last thing you would want is any unwanted interference from anyone! A lot of space is all I want, period! But guess what? Some people cannot read between the lines, so in my “supposed blonde moment” (nanti I am gaping at the new shades remember?) this person from nowhere excitedly grabs them and fits them on to their obviously bigger face amidst uncalled for compliments as if I needed any! Gosh, people can nag! Now I am pissed because they will not fit as perfect as they had before. Oba what is wrong with people and not keeping their hands to themselves?

This business of someone just getting your stuff and trying them on as if they do not know that you also bought them for a purpose is so annoying. To make matters worse, I am not that ka kind of chick that screams out, “Eeish do not touch” to save my property, so I basically just bite my tongue in anguish and only pray that the guy puts them off to save me from the eventual damage! Kale people can annoy! But like I said, I do not even want a single wrinkle to fold on my forehead because I am pissed, so I will just let it go. And for some reason, this go at being blonde is oba not working.

Suddenly I cannot run away from who I really am! The real me has just shot back and here I am doing something with those “supposed to be” stretched out hands. Just do not clap yet because mbu you are happy. You can never tell what will happen in the next two minutes. That local person might come back and force their feet into my shoes this time, and I might just burst out in a rage! And then I will have a face full of folds on the forehead because I am angry, eeish! Story of my life! -Connie Nankya

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