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Hustler: Joram Job Muzira

What is your company called?
Joram House of Talent and Model Management.

How did you start out?
I started off by working for Design Agenda Ltd, which is a restaurant, cafe and gallery and I worked there for seven years as the Public and Relations Manager. It’s from the different contacts that I got that I started my own company. It is quite new to the industry but will be a major force to reckon on in the fashion and modelling scene.

I used to organise lots of fashion shows and I have worked with the major fashion designers in Uganda and Tanzania like Sylvia Owori, Brenda Nambi, Steve Etende, TIN’EN Fashion House, Linda Musiimenta, Mustaffa Hassanali (Founder of the Swahili Fashion Week in Tanzania), Adele Dejak to mention but a few.

It’s from acquiring skills from these people and personal experiences that I decided to open up my own Joram House of Talent and Model Management, which promotes local talent, manages models (runway, commercial, editorial, high fashion, catalogue), provides ushering services and events management as well as public relations services.

What is your speciality?
I decided to specialise in model management (casting, scouting, choreography, fashion show productions) and marketing plus public relations because my passion for all the above is my driving force in everything that I do.

Is this what you studied?
No. I have a Bachelors Degree of Urban Planning from Makerere University.

How much capital is it worth now and how much it was then when you started?
Joram House of Talent and Model Management is worth $20,000 (about Shs50m) and when it had just started it was worth only $500 (about Shs1.2m).

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