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Big Brother: Edith, Eve and Mildred on their time in the house

There are 58 days to go and there is more drama to look forward to. The last evictions saw to a couple’s separation and another country, Botswana was eliminated. Brenda Banura talked to the three former Downvillers.

Edith, 30, personal assistant, Botswana

Was your kiss with Malonza a step in a budding relationship?
(Laughs) That is a tricky question but no, not at all. It was just part of the game. I like him but as a friend, the kiss doesn’t mean we are in or will be getting into a relationship. And I kind of had no option but to kiss him because I am a woman that has needs. And while locked up in that house, I felt lonely and needed someone to hold and comfort me.

Does that mean you were not offended when Jannette kissed Malonza and Junia tried to hit on him?
I was not offended. Big Brother is a game and we all have a way we play it. That is their way of playing the game. I would have been hurt if Malonza and I were in a relationship but since we are not, I wasn’t.

What do you think of the Ugandan housemates?
I think Jannette’s involvement as a go between the two camps during the time when the Angolan housemates were about to exit got her negative attention. Kyle on the other hand is laid-back and liked by everyone so that should keep him in the house. People usually vote for those people that other housemates easily get along with. That in my opinion makes Kyle the stronger housemate of the two.

Who do you think will win the money?
My bet is on South Africa’s Keagan because he is wild, crazy and bold. He is fun to be with and fun to watch which I think the audience looks for.

What is your take on Biggie’s judgment of Zainab and DBK’s clash?
I think it was fair because there was provocation on Zainab’s part. But as a woman, I think no man should hit a woman regardless of the situation. What the man does is walk away.

Eve,25, Marketer, Botswana

You lost by just one vote, how did that feel like?
I think Biggie cheated me (laughs). It was sad but the best always wins so it is okay. Keitta is a good guy so he deserved it and we are happy for him about where he is.

Kyle poured his heart out to you, what are your feelings towards him?
I like him as a friend but not romantically. He is a great guy and a very good person. But sorry I will have to break your boy’s heart.

Which person in the house didn’t you get along with?
I particularly didn’t get along with the Zambia’s Tamara. I found her unnecessarily loud – she was too loud for me. But I bonded with a couple of other people like Esperanca, Keagan and a lot of other housemates.

What did you miss while you were away in the house?
I missed my friends, my iPad and running. I love running very much but I couldn’t run in that little Big Brother garden.

Which housemates do you think will win the money?
I think Keitta. I got to know Keitta on a personal note and he is a very good person. I think he stands a very big chance of winning the money.

Mildred, 25, musician, Ghana

What did it feel like being separated from your boyfriend, Keitta?
It was the hardest thing we have ever had to go through for. We have never been separated for more than a week but now it may be more. So the eviction made me so emotional because of that.

Was your refusal to go on stage entirely about a bad hair day?
There were two reasons, one was that I had a very bad hair day because the hair dresser didn’t bring the hair piece that I wanted which would represent my country. I knew the eviction show pictures would be used by many media houses so I couldn’t appear looking bad. Besides I would have loved to look beautiful besides my partner. The other reason is that I was sad at a possible separation from Keitta.

Zainab attempted to separate you two while in Downville, were you scared that she would win Keitta over with you away?
He is a man so I know that may be he would have done things he shouldn’t do but I don’t think he would have an affair so I wasn’t scared.

What did you think of Kyle’s declaration that he would bang you?
(Laughs out loud and hard). He was very serious by the way. But that happened when we were playing a silly game we shouldn’t have played. I liked that he finds me attractive but is respectful to my boyfriend and didn’t try to hit on me. Kyle is a good guy and is funny. He cracked me up a lot. Jannette is also a good girl. She is caring, freaky and has a lot of brains in her tiny head. And I don’t believe what Tamara said about her the time when she was a go between the two camps. I will ask her myself.

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