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On the Uganda Cranes

1.Mbu … we go, we go, Uganda Cranes we go! And what happened after the match? We drew!

2. Honestly you are playing on your home soil and you draw! What chances of winning then do you have? Do you see Uganda Cranes going to Senegal and winning? Yes Mulindwa that question is for you!

3.Ugandans never learn at all. We jump and scream for our ka team, then it goes and draws and everyone seems content and happy with that … seriously???

4.Do Ugandans just love mediocrity or what? When was the last time we won a fooball match? When was the last time we won a significant football title apart from simanya East and Central football championships?

5. For all those babes who were shouting simanya… we go, we go, Uganda Cranes we go … can you please tell me the number six of Uganda Cranes? Mbu…we go, we go! Shut up!

6.Mbu Mujib Kasule, Mark Namanya and Aldrine Nsubuga are apparently “football analysts!” Who made these guys “analysts?” By guessing that Manchester United is going to beat Liverpool 2-0 or knowing the starting 11 of Uganda Cranes, does that make you an analyst?

7.Mbu babes are already bored with all this football talk! So if you are bored why then do you all put on shades that cost Shs2,500 and head to Namboole stadium screaming … we go, we go, Uganda Cranes we go?

8.And why do we have artistes all the time at Namboole during big football matches, singing and dancing like it’s an album launch of sorts? Goodness me we are going to lose so why are we all singing … Dudu we, dudu we … dudu?

9.Speaking of Uganda Cranes, who puts on yellow? No offence, but yellow?

10.And why is Lawrence Mulindwa still in charge of Ugandan football? Goodness me, we have drawn or lost matches like a million times …yet the powers never change! Isn’t that weird?

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