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Connie’s Tiff: I think it is hard being a man

“What do you know about being a man since you evidently are not one?” That is a question that one could pose if I said that sometimes, I feel sorry for the male specie. Nevertheless, here are my reasons.

They must endure the harsh life: If one remembers the popular TV series Roots, then they probably can envision what is being referred to here. A baby Kunta Kinte was raised up to the sky, naked despite all the cold as a sign of thanksgiving and also to emphasise the fact that he was a boy and was expected to be macho! And this is just how it was done in the African traditional society. The boys were exposed to all harsh conditions like being raised up early and swung up and down in the early morning cold at 5am mbu to shake them up to the reality of being a man while the tu baby girls chillaxed in bed until like 7am or later. If they are all babies at the end of the day, why should they be treated differently? And when the boys were beginning to get some pampering, “The girl child bug” swept in, denying them of any extra privileges. Even today when things have been streamlined to a greater extent, emphasis on the girl child still lives on and the male specie has to sweat for almost everything, poor creatures.

Finding their lost rib: Okay, it all started with a rib being plucked out of one of them to create him a companion. Therefore, they have the task and circus of having to look for this rib. On thinking they have found this rib, they have to take an extra mile to plead with the rib to accept and accommodate them forever (read woo woman into marriage), and finally deal with everything that comes with co-existence which includes, enduring the woman’s tantrums, ensuring she and the family are happy, playing the head of house role appropriately, gosh, what a task, what a life!

They must cope with the stereotypes: At first they are expected to be sharp, brilliant, perfect, name it and later, in the quest to achieve all this, men have ended up being a ground for all sorts of stereotypes. At one point, “all men are cheats”, at another, “all men are womanisers”, then “all men are liars” they can be a total headache in the short or long term, gosh! The list is endless.

Now I do not know what I would do if I had to live each day of my life trying to prove that I am none of the above despite being a man, huh!

Men are not supposed to hurt: At one point, he is answering a call from a supposed friend whom he is interested in but has to take it slow, play Mr Nice Guy, adhere to all the pressure, brave the pocket drilling scenarios, as if he is not investing his time, emotions and all and even when she finally drops the bomb that the two cannot be, he has to be man enough to take it in and even assure her that he is not hurt, everything is okay when it actually isn’t! All in the name of being a man, right?

They always have to be ready for the acting role: Yes, these guys are the reason we have endless entertainment thanks to their drama filled lives. For starters, they have to pay for the male deficiency ratio. That is the fact that we have more women than men, yet women are too stubborn to understand this as they insist on one man having one woman.

So, a man’s woman catches him trying to help out another woman who would otherwise not have had a man, there is a lot of drama. He has to endure insults, sometimes brave slaps and even attitude for his actions, while acting innocent.

Anyhow, thanks to men, the world has a lot to talk about, rant over and still enjoy or sulk over the fact that their existence is forever unavoidable, right?

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