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Connie Tiffs

Show me a man who doesn’t want to be like Jacob Zuma

Zuma cuts his 70th birthday cake with his four wives. Left is Gloria Bongi Ngema his latest wife.

So here I am catching up on the latest news around and pics of Jacob Zuma’s latest wedding to Gloria Bongi Ngema are splashed all over the media, ahem! Aren’t some men lucky?

I mean, God created one woman for one man but he must have placed extra qualities in some other guys like Zuma that they can handle more than one wife and seem to have no problem enjoying every piece of this cake – marriage.

To say that I knew how to react to the heated up debate around me would be a blatant lie. Well, the properly painted picture of the happy Zumas spoke more than a million words. The three other wives (smiling blissfully at the idea of sharing their marital roles), standing cheerily alongside their husband (who should be busy answering court cases over infidelity) and the newest entry (co-wife in this case).

These chicks are the winners by the way. They even set time aside to dress up, look their best and welcome their new “friend” with open arms? Jeez!

So then one wonders, if women can actually co-exist with one another in such a manner, why others take years sulking over the annoying things that men do and even shed buckets of tears crying while nursing heartbreaks mbu because they found the man cheating or ogling at another babe let alone hitting on her blah blah blah?

And then the men, why can’t they also be bold and open like Zuma whenever they feel the dire need to cheat?

Like seriously before you pull out all those daggers and stab me for playing the devil’s advocate here, let us face ko reality, eeish!

I mean at least for every Saturday, there is one or two women secretly engaging their families in traditional marriages that will dub them second wives or even third. And when they make the grand intrusion, they do it heads high as if the secret event does not openly spell out their actual position. And, let us not forget the concubines at the sides and of course the wives who can either choose to wage war on the other or let it be and address it as a by the way, in this whole mix.

But does closing our eyes to any of the above while we point fingers at Zuma change the truth? Does it make the ranting and days of emotional turmoil, inexistent? Does it change the situation especially in Africa where divorce can be such a painful pill to swallow, huh?

Isn’t this the point where Zuma’s example chips in as the most ideal explanation to the words life is indeed what we make it? I think many times we waste so much energy fighting reality yet it is possible to embrace and live with it, at the end of the day, and the choice to do so is entirely upon oneself.

In this case, Jacob Zuma is the ideal picture of man or should I say, elaborate version of an African man. Yes! No pretence, keeps it real and life flows. The wives on the other hand are patient, tolerant and very accommodative species that have probably defined what they want their life to be.

Uuummn those things of, if I come in second, I should expect the third to come in at some point and when that happens, I should accept that karma is a b****h, eat humble pie and smile at the new entry (as she also expects the same and the story continues) that is so kawa with them, you know!

Now, show me a man that would not wish to wear Jacob Zuma’s shoes for at least one minute in their lifetime and I shall clap for him until my fingers start to drop, one by one. True story!

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