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Make way for the bold breed of women

You see before the world saw the light that ever graced this world, everything seemed like a mish mash. Okay, I hope this does not sound like a line from the book of Genesis because I am not going to talk about salvation (this has existed since time immemorial). I am talking about “Woman”.
Wait a minute, before you pull off that shrug, it has nothing to do with those two cliché phrases – “woman emancipation”, “women empowerment” because you and I know that we are moving on right? Speaking of which, do the UNEB examiners even still ask that question? Lol.
Anyways, at least society is slowly but surely acknowledging the fact that the world is nothing without us and what have we brought to the table?

Tough decisions, serious, steadfast implementing processes, intolerance to mediocre performance, societal vices, among others, an issue that has left so many eyebrows raised high up in the air. Ahem!

Dem days, the African traditional society took time off to describe the core roles of a woman, I mean, cooking, taking care of a home, reproducing, name it. And if you asked me, these roles have indeed shaped so many women’s mode of operation, you know?

The nurturing, passion, energy, in depth way of doing things is all part of this. I mean, Joyce Banda was appointed Malawi’s first female president and within less than a week in office, she had fired the police chief, information minister and a top cast broadcaster on top of opening up an investigation into the 2011 death of an activist who criticised her predecessor.

Talk of cleaning up a fridge and dumping off all the rotting and rotten veggies. In 1999, Buganda embraced a virtuous lady as their Nnabagereka who took charge of her position out rightly. And now, with all the initiatives she has brought in place, the kingdom has attained more respect, through the eyes of the queen. Talk of woman’s nature to nurture and pump good blood into a home!
The late Muamur Gadaffi, knew that the best way to have intact security was through incorporating a sober and passionate body. And it took the form of sizzling hot female, virgin bodyguards. Eh! But men can also mean to over enjoy our company, jeez! Anyway, they sure did take care of the dude so well during his reign, although he sadly had to kick the bucket eventually.

Then, if we can further bring it home, take a look at these two ladies, Jennifer Musisi and Rebecca Kadaga. Oba I needn’t add anything even?

I bet that before I even start to write out anything, y’all going out like duh! These are household names so save it C! The passion in what they do is superb. Decisions are made on time, they are highly principled, have no time for nonsense, implement policies accordingly while adding a touch of the ideal communication skills and intellectualism.

Then we have the veteran Miria Matembe who has been here since way back. And the comic Ingrid Turinawe, among others. I could go on and on but hey! These are just a few that can paint an ideal picture of what this world has been missing all along.

One thing to look out for is that, although they are commonly calm people, this specie should not be taken for granted. Women take the right time to have the right ingredients put in the food they cook, same way they think and act smart when doing things. They are patient but if you press the wrong buttons persistently, you might get some tables hammered and saucepans flying left, right and center, I bet you catch my drift.

In my view, a woman is the only person that can look at a man and drive her point home without wasting time in thick dialogue, thorough explanations, etc.

I know that when the president made a remark that “if Uganda had 2,000 Ms. Musisi’s corruption would be history” some eyebrows were raised, haters just! But to suit me, I will change the phrase to; “if the world had 90 per cent women in influential offices, it would be the best place to exist”
But why am I wishing when the journey has already been embarked on, huh?! Go ladies!

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