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Four One One

We don’t need to be friends to unite – Cindy on Sheebah, Spice Diana beef

Over the years, Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana have always appeared to avoid each other’s space whenever in public and it took the media a long time to find a picture where they were happy together.

This seemed to birth the narrative that they do not see eye-to-eye with a few gossip columns pointing it in the direction of a battle for supremacy. The two divas, however, had managed to remain tight-lipped about their relationship and often dodged the questions citing beef between them.

This however changed when Sheebah Karungi honoured Spice Diana’s invite to her listener’s party. And all of a sudden they were best friends. In a short period, they were already close and promising each other heaven on earth. They even preached love among fellow other artistes until last weekend when things cake crumbling down.

After Spice Diana’s concert, things seem to have gone down south for the pair. The two started a war following months of pretense and fake friendship. Spice Diana deleted all of Sheebah’s content on her Instagram and went ahead to unfollow her.

And fans of both artistes have been at loggerheads with each other and the artistes have even released songs believed to be throwing shade at each other.

Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president and dancehall artiste Cindy Sanyu has digested the ongoing beef between the two and she had something to say.

According to Cindy, she doesn’t believe in friends especially those that are relied on for a successful life. Cindy said so many people are evil, especially in the music industry and they don’t deserve to be friends.

She added that being unfriendly, especially with artistes has given her a good life and she is so much at peace with herself.

“I believe you don’t have to be everybody’s friend to succeed. Gwe some people are evil (especially in the music industry) and breaking ties with them might just save your life. To protect my soul I stay away from many people and that’s how I stay sane and happy. This nonsense of being everyone’s friend is for kids mwana,” Cindy Sanyu posted.

In an interview with Spark TV Cindy further empasised that you don’t need to be friends.

“Being president of musicians, people come and ask me what I think about every situation concerning artistes, so I took time and assessed the situation going on between our two big female artistes and I felt it right to give my view on the matter. This is a big industry, there is a difference between friendship and unity, and we don’t need to be friends to unify. If we have the same goal it doesn’t need for us to be friends, I meet with UMA members and the board that doesn’t mean that we are friends but we decide together what is better for the industry so being friends isn’t important, if you have a problem with each other you do can sort it out privately, you can achieve a lot in this industry without being friends with anyone,” she remarked.

Cindy has also in the recent past beefed with Sheebah Karungi and Vinka.

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