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Another funny statistic about Uganda

1.Here are some of the odd bits about our lovely Uganda; mbu our national language is English! But wasn’t this language imported into Uganda? So what then is our indigenous language?

2. Mbu Michael Ross is bored with my “indigenous” talk! mbu for him he wants to let people know that he’s about to release his two-songs only album entitled…”indigenous Michael Jackson meets fake Ugandan Michael Jackson!”

3. Here is another weird statistic about Uganda; our staple food is matooke and meat! Naye honestly speaking don’t most people nowadays eat chips and chicken or Kikomando?

4.What about this statistic about Uganda; Mbu our women are the best looking in the region!!! No offence naye have you guys visited Kigali? Catherine Kusasira wouldn’t even get out of the house if she were in Kigali!

5.Another funny statistic about Uganda; Mbu Uganda has fantastic female singers! Yeah right! Have these so-called statisticians listened to Mya, Zuena, Stecia Mayanja and Harriet Kisakye sing!?

6. Another interesting statistic about Uganda is mbu we are clever people! Now Mozey and Weasel is that true!? Do you think you are clever…sorry meant to say…do you think Ugandans are a clever people!?

7. Another funny statistic about Uganda is that we are a welcoming people! Yes that is so true look at the way we have welcomed baferes like…sawa…sawa…sawale…

8.Here is an interesting bit about Uganda; our ladies are always smart and well dressed! Yeah what do you expect with skirts worn by corporate babes costing Shs7,500 at Wandegeya and jeans worn by campus babes costing Shs4,750 at Owino market!

9. Here is another interesting bit about Uganda; mbu our girls are good in bed! Ok…ok….Pastor Sempa that was JUST A JOKE! PLEASE DON’T EAT ME FOR THAT STATEMENT….GOODNESS ME!!!

10. Here is another interesting bit about Uganda; we are a religious people! Now Mama Fiina why are dying of laughter after that statement!! God forgive you! Wama Pastor Majeri don’t mind Mama Fiina…

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