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Applications: Android for Valentine’s

For some, finding the right Valentine’s Day gift can be a minefield. How much should you spend? Is the present “meaningful” enough? For others, it’s simply a case of not having time to research the perfect place for a romantic meal, or to order a dozen red roses far enough in advance.

But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it’s possible to organise your whole Valentine’s Day in less than the time it takes to make a cup of tea – there are dozens of Android apps that can help you to send a card, snag the best table in a restaurant, order your lover a bunch of flowers (or something racier!), or plan for a quiet night in.

Fire up the Zagat app, for instance, and you’ll find the best places to eat in your part of town, at prices to suit all budgets; build a playlist of the best smoochy love songs using TuneIn Radio; order chocolates, Champagne or flowers from Tesco or Ocado using their shopping apps; get in the mood for love with the gift of lingerie, purchased through the Victoria’s Secret app; and use the Swirl Wine Guide to impress the special person in your life by matching the perfect wine with your meal.

And if you’re a singleton and the thought of Valentine’s Day feels you with a deep sense of dread, take a look at the latest Android dating apps and see if you can track down a hot date for the night! Or pamper yourself for the evening, using Android apps to order a delicious meal, make a playlist of life-affirming break-up songs, and mix some tasty cocktails!

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