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Connie Tiffs

And then everyone embraced Valentine’s

Sometimes, I guess, when one is in the mood to embrace a lot of things without thinking twice, certain days can sure come in handy, you know?
And if you asked me, I would say, this so called Valentine’s  falls in that category. Everything that comes with recognising such a day seems so ridiculous.

Look at the dress code for example, then the “You can reach me any way” attitude, that calls for boda bodas, cabs and any other modes of transport to deliver flowers all in the name of making one’s day blissful as if it all has to happen on just this one particular day in a year.
I just do not get it! Then, I do not understand why the heavens above set aside a certain day in this month and made it my birth date because it only makes matters worse.

For starters everyone expects me to go bananas about having this Valz (that popular short form) day before my birth day yet it’s the total opposite. I mean, I am not that girly girl that gets excited over all those bu things (like flowers, chocolate, jewellery, candle lit dinner etc) that get babes giggling instantly as if they sneaked off to heaven and got back.

Hence that whole expectation hidden under lines “Yes, she is a Feb baby and was born just after Valentines hence has to automatically wear those shoes and sway with the flow” has oba totally failed to work?
So allow me to wonder at what gets people excited on a day that can be just like any other because at the end of the day, I cannot trace even the slightest aspect that sets it apart from any other day!

Then what makes it a big deal? Is it the fact that one cannot have/buy flowers, gifts on a daily or should we assume that certain people need a timetable for such activities to happen?  Perhaps we can just say that some of us could be so unromantic that we need a prompt reminder of what we should do, when and where (read celebrate Valentine’s Day).

To the point that restaurants have to fill up, the red outfits have to be unleashed, Valentine cards, petty gifts have to be bought because someone is expecting it and the business oriented heads have to rack the brains harder and exploit this chance to possess smiling wallets?
With all due respect to the love birds that get all enthusiastic about this day, I think, there is no point in making a big deal out of one day, a certain activity, gift that can happen on a daily basis, if one had the zeal and will to do so.

For the record, one does not have to wait for this marked out day to think of a cute gift, or say the three words. So can we cut out on the local stunts characterised by grins, roving minds and eventual sweating faces mbu in search and in the name of making it happen on Valentine’s Day?
Me’hnn, it’s about time we moved on riyaalle!

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