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Google Nexus 6P: Did the phone live up to the hype?

Today we shall take a trip back into time and review a device that was touted as the best android device of 2015. The Google Nexus 6P was a collaborative effort between Huawei and Google. I will give you an honest opinion because I use the device as my daily driver and have for about two years now.
General use.

The first impression you get of the 6P when you hold it is its large size, which comes measuring in at 5.7 inches across the bezel. If you are a small person you might think you are handling a clay brick.

For a normal sized person I struggled a bit to use the device with one hand initially although I eventually got use to handling all that heft. You will be struck at how beautifully constructed the 6P is.

The Nexus features a suave all body aluminum unibody design that was meant to rival competitors like the IPhone 6S, which came out, cased in tastefully crafted aluminium.

This makes the phone very durable and it has dropped from heights of about a meter and half without shattering although a few dents might be inevitable. To achieve this level of being sturdiness, you will need to invest in a rubberized phone protector. The Phone also has a responsive circular fingerprint reader on the back


The Nexus 6P shipped out with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), and a Snapdragon 810 chipset designed by Qualcomm. It also powers through tasks courtesy of its 3GBs of RAM. Its RAM component and chipset make for an impeccably fast phone that fluidly runs through tasks.

I do toy around with, different phones quite a bit and even with all these benchmarks the 6P lags behind more recent phones like last years IPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S9.

Quite an unfair comparison due to the age disparity but necessary for a more informed purchase decision.

Occasionally, I throw multiple tasks at my phone and the 6P has held up pretty outstandingly. In the two years I have used the device I haven’t experienced any serious episodes of screen freeze which is impressive.

In the battery department you get a 3,450mAh battery, which should last you a good portion of the day with moderate use.

Also you get quick charge technology which quickly re-juices your battery in about and hour and 30 minutes. A regular phone without quick charge will take about and hour longer to fill up.

The phone has a rear 12.3 megapixel shooter that takes pretty good pictures overall. You are able to take some not too bad shots in low light but the pictures will pixelate under magnification. This is especially true in the evenings as the sun is setting. Also on the front you get a front facing 8-mega pixel camera which delivers great pictures.

For the display, the phone is rocking a Samsung AMOLED panel, which is decent and has quad HD resolution although quite a compromise to make in 2018 in the era of the stunning OLED displays that modern flagships have.

That being said, display colors are rich and vivid and able to reach pretty accurate real life benchmarks. The power button is textured and sits on the right along the volume rocker and both of which are very clicky and satisfyingly tactile.

Another good feature I have to mention is the pair of front facing stereo speakers which are too good to believe.

They are able to get really loud while delivering pretty well balanced sound.

Overall the Google Nexus 6P was worth a lot of the hype that came along with it in 2015. Stable battery life, decent camera, snappy performance and durability, the phone had a lot going for it.

If I am to replace the phone which is not anytime soon it will be for the simple reason that its become old.

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