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1Uganda can be a funny country, a bunch of matooke costs Shs30K, but we have swearing in ceremonies costing, Shs3billion! isn’t that just not funny at all? No Amama Mbabazi please chill, don’t answer that.

2They tell us that people are very poor nowadays, there is no money. But come Easter, every bodaboda chap will be heading for Bebe Cool’s concert! So where will the money have come from? Zuena please spare us….don’t comment!

3They tell us that Bebe Cool is going to bring us Chaka Demus and Pliers for his concert on Easter. But the flyers promoting his show have only our local artistes on them but not Chaka Demus! Isn’t that daylight robbery? Bebe Cool can you boom bark bogolako on this matter?

4They tell us that Chameleone has fought with almost everyone, in nightclubs and bars but the dude has never been sent to Luzira Prison! Kayihura what a gwan with that? Please Nabakooba translate the patois for your boss…good luck!

5They say mbu you can protest so long as you do it in peace. So when me, Straka and Besigye decide to walk in protest because of the high food prices, we are caned by police! Goodness we were walking not throwing stones! Wama Straka Silikawo!
6They say that our music is growing internationally but how comes no Ugandan artiste is winning any international awards? So where is the growth? Yes Sizzaman tell us! Why isn’t Angela hitting in S.A?

7Hajati Sophie Nantogo has reminded me mbu she once won a Pam award! Hajati nyabo, Pam Awards are not international are they? Isaac Mulindwa can you ignore that question?

8Red Banton has reminded me that Morris Kirya won an international award last year! Mbu Kirya is his favourite artiste. Mbu he likes the way he sings! Poor Kirya.

9They say that we Ugandans are a normal people, but can someone show me a human race that would have entertained the following; Viva Stars, Kiboko Squad and La Tormenta?

10They say that we are a God fearing country, but how comes Just Kicking bar and the latest happening hangout called Virgin Island are having people party till morning all drunk? Pastor Kayanja isn’t it time wama to invite Benny Hinn again to pray for us?

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