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How it went down at Dolibondo’s Camp Comedy

Revellers play Ludo at Camp Comedy

Over the weekend, many events where happening in Kampala and those who chose to unwind from the Kampala dust decided to drive to the Eastern Part of Uganda and their stop was in Jinja at Forever Resort.

The venue that sits just below the New Nile Bridge was hosting the fourth edition of comedian Dolibondo’s Camp Comedy. Revellers started coming in as early at 5pm, booking their tents that they would sleep in after the event. By 10pm, the venue was parked but there was no action going on as the DJ known as Jose was playing music to keep the crowds busy.

Kenneth Mugabi performs at Camp Comedy

They waited; some on their mats, others were seated around campfires and it was not late until comedians started perform. Emma Napoleone who hosted the event ensured to crack ribs whenever he came to introduce an act.

Comedians like Cotilda, Daniel Omara and the revellers waited for Mariachi though he didn’t show up. Daniel Omara cracked a joke that sent the crowd into laughter when he told the people from Busoga to stop bragging about the new Jinja Bridge because they do not own it just like the Northerners thought the Northern Bypass was meant for them.

Besides the comedy, there was also a musical performance from Kenneth Mugabi who performed songs like Naki, Nkwegomba and Kibunomu among others before he left stage for DJ Jose who played music throughout the night.

At around 4pm, revelers left the venue. Some went to their tents to sleep whereas others partied up to Sunday morning before the venue was cleared at around 11am on Sunday when they all finally left.

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