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Maro starts clothing line

Singer Ronald Magada aka Maro does not stop at looking humble, he acts it too. The soft-spoken self-proclaimed RnB Kyabazinga has come out many times to show his philanthropic side through either holding a concert to raise funds for charity or getting involved in a good cause.
We have learnt that the singer has started making T-shirts and caps with the M label, which we assume stands for Maro. The other shocking detail is that the Kamboyine singer is not making the T-shirts to get money for a new car, rent or shoot a new video but rather to support various NGOs he works with.
As you read this, Maro has already set up a shop at his Volume Up studio in Kabalagala. When we contacted the singer, he told us that some of the purchases will come with his new album.
“50% of the money from the sales will go to charity organisations like Viva con Agua, Plan International, Inter Aid and Uganda Hands for Hope,” Maro said.

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