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  • Features & Profiles
    Koffi Olomide’s fans to be compensated-promoter

    When news broke out that Koffi Olomide has been deported from Kenya after assaulting one of his dancers, despite his highly...

    Isaac SsejjombweJuly 26, 2016
  • Features & Profiles
    Dating mares: The plight of an intern

    Most of the guys at my former work place were the ‘kula kwa macho’ type, the ones that only fed with...

    Eseri WatsemwaJuly 22, 2016
  • Features & Profiles
    How to be the billion-shillings Specy

    Not cheap. Yes, that is how much worth former vice president, Dr Speciosa Wandira Kazibwe is worth. She needed billions for...

    Ian Ford NkeraJuly 22, 2016
  • Features & Profiles
    My family found out I was a comedian on TV

      Okello Okello: His deputy head teacher at Busoga College Mwiri laid the ground for his comedy dream. Although he was...

    Isaac SsejjombweJuly 22, 2016
  • Features & Profiles
    Rayo Banks: Mbale’s video master

    Shooting it: Rayo Banks is one of the renowned video directors in Mbale Town. He is probably the biggest thing in...

    Olivier MukaayaJuly 22, 2016
  • Features & Profiles
    VJ Junior: I worked tirelessly to be here

    The translating biz: Dreams are good but realities are better; is what drives celebrated video jockey, Mary Smarts Matovu, aka VJ...

    Denis BbosaJuly 22, 2016


  • My CV
    Quick cv: Bryan Mckenzie Sabiiti

    Presenter, Radio City FIRST CAR A 1997 Toyota Mark II Grande. CURRENT CAR Toyota Corolla. DREAM CAR I have many dream...

    SQoopJuly 22, 2016
  • Acute Angle
    This Kiwa-Goodlyfe saga is absurd!

    Early this week, the police issued arrest warrants for popular singers Radio and Weasel. This is because the two have continually...

    Ian Ford NkeraJuly 22, 2016
  • Columnists
    My dating mares: He is atheist but its OK

      I met Patrick in my neighbourhood. He is a tall, dark, charming guy with a gap in his teeth and...

    Eseri WatsemwaJuly 15, 2016
  • My CV
    Quick cv: Seanice Sharon Lojede

    CEO, Blu Flamingo Digital Agency FIRST CAR A red Toyota Cynos (two-door). CURRENT CAR Pajero Exceed 2014. DREAM CAR I don’t...

    SqoopJuly 15, 2016
  • Connie Tiffs
    Six subjects at A-Level? Ahem, kyoka Bobi Wine!

    “I studied HED/Literature/Fine Art/Geography at A-Level. Yes, I repeat, I studied Economics, History, Divinity slash Geography (because I loved the knowledge...

    Connie NankyaJuly 15, 2016
  • My CV
    Quick cv: AIDAH CRYSTALS

    Make-up Artiste FIRST CAR It was a RAV4. CURRENT CAR I drive a Toyota Harrier. DREAM CAR The BMW X6. It’s...

    SqoopJuly 8, 2016