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  • Features
    Another star will be born

    Over the years, music contests have come and gone. Some have left lasting impressions while others have had nothing to write...

    Isaac SsejjombweApril 12, 2021
  • Four One One
    Amos Wekesa spends Shs1.5 billion on ‘baby’

        Amos Wekesa is usually a happy man, but this week he could have been replaced for the smiley emoji....

    Sqoop CorrespondentMay 31, 2019
  • Four One One
    50 Cent coming to Uganda

    Remember the 50-Kanye album battle in 2007, when two big American rappers Kanye West and 50 Cent both decided to drop...

    sqoopadminOctober 24, 2018