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Music has made me a real man – Uzi Malcon

Uzi Malcon

 Conald Ainomugisha, aka Uzi Malcon Owamani, is a hip-hop artiste who raps in both Runyankole and English.

How long have you been doing music and what was your first song?

I started rapping professionally in 2018 after completing my S.6. My first song was Style, followed by Omuntimpuzi, Gamba nogu, and later Dawa, Rap to the Beat, among other songs.

Where did you get money to record your first song?

I had friends who sponsored me, also A-Nish Gavament Management helped me record and push my first single. I produced my first song in Ishaka by Producer Benja Pro of VIC records, I then came to Mbarara worked with Alpha Music with producer JKays who worked on the Oli Wamanyi collaboration with Zultums and Maro.

How was your first single received?

There were challenges but I kept on track and I thank God I inspired many young rappers to do Runyankole hip-hop. People were used to RnB but when my second song Omutimpuzi came, people embraced it majorly because it had a video.

What song do you love among your hits?

I have 23 songs and I love all my songs because I write them. I do different genres; dancehall, reggae and Amapiano. I have an album titled Emamba and an EP titled Owamani.

Who inspired you to do music?

I loved music since childhood. I would attend school bashes, participate in school music dance and drama (MDD) competitions and was a member of school music clubs. I am inspired by Bob Marley, Tupac and people close to me, especially my parents.

What have you accomplished in your career?

My music career has connected me to great people, I have made friends and music has made me a man because I have encountered a number of challenges along the journey.

For example the issue of finances and people who do not wish good for others. When starting out, I was denied stage access by unfriendly MCs and event organisers, some ask me for money to perform but thank God I am now being recognised gradually.

Why did you shift from Ishaka to Mbarara City?

Mbarara is the centre of western music and I am looking forward to becoming a national figure. I relocated to grow my talent and fanbase because I had worked in Ishaka for five years and fed them all that I had; my mentors advised me to keep going and spread the realness of my Runyankole vibes.

What is the biggest stage you have performed at?

I have performed on almost all the stages in Ishaka and other big stages in the region; my dream is to sell and expand Runyankole to make young musicians here believe that they can excel while singing their language.

What stage moment will you never forget?

When I went on stage to sing and my music failed to play. After some minutes of waiting I started singing freestyle and the audience loved it.

What big collaborations have you featured on?

I have worked with Maro and Zultums on Oliwamanyi, then Jkays on Ride or Die.

Which artiste do you dream of collaborating with?

I dream of working with any artiste who is ready to spread realness, positivity and love.

What are you doing to uplift western Uganda’s music industry?

I am inspiring music beginners to do great music and encouraging them to work well with djs and mcs. I urge them not to take any chance for granted in order to put our western music and entertainment industry to the next level.

Apart from music, what else do you do?

I am a fashionista dealing in cultural attire.

What motivates you?

When someone is so positive in everything they say.

What pisses you off?

When someone accuses me of something I have not done.

It is alleged that artistes use drugs as boosters, is it true?

I do not use drugs but I know some people do.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I will be a great inspirational singer, I pray that I will be alive and healthy.

What advice would you give your 17-year -old self?

To love God and cherish friendships.

Your message to regional music legends;

I thank them for putting up a great legacy and for starting a strong music foundation and for those starting out to believe in themselves, do quality music and respect their fans.

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