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DJ Nimoh dreamt of fame from childhood

Stephen (DJ) Nimoh Katende. PHOTO/PHIONAH NASSANGA.

Up-close. Stephen Nimoh Katende, is a computer technician, businessman and DJ who picked inspiration from DJ Apeman. As a child he always saw himself rise to fame, writes Phionah Nassanga.

First thing you do when wake up…
My wife and I first pray.  Our prayer includes thanking Him for the previous night and ask Him to bless our day.

First you job did was…
I first worked as a computer technician in 2010, but I had passion for music, something that inspired me to quit that job to become a DJ. Deejaying is the kind of job I knew I would do with passion.

What was your first salary as a technician?
Shs350, 000.

What did you use it for?
I changed my wardrobe because I love looking smart.

Who inspired you into deejaying?
Much as I love music, I picked my inspiration from DJ Apeman. He is a DJ from Tanzania with a good taste of music.

What was your first time with an audience like?
I first worked in the village. Every Friday my friend and I would leave Kampala to Kakomelo, Masaka District where we used to set up music systems and play disco from 6pm to 7am.

Entry fee was Shs3,000.  This helped him master the skills. By the time I got to the Kampala clubs, I was polishing my skills.

What is the first club you played at?
I first worked at Club L2 in  Nkumba on Entebbe Road.  I was the main house DJ and campus night was a big deal every Friday.  I would bag Shs30, 000.

What makes a good party for you?
Playing good music and how the audience receives it.

Favourite music genre…
I do reggae, kadongo kamu, R n B, hip-hop and occasionally rock.

Biggest let down in your career…
On January 1, 2013, I  organised a show in Mityana but I was disappointed by one artiste whose name I would not wish to mention because he arrived late. I remember how I was flogged by the audience; my phone and other equipment were destroyed.

Do you have any children yet?
Much as I was a first-time father, it was good, but challenging because I raised my daughter on my own. The mother abandoned her when she was just months old.

The biggest challenge was waking up in the night to feed her and there were times I had to go to work with her in clubs, bars, at weddings, and to introduction ceremonies.

Do you cook?

What food are you good at cooking?
I am good at cooking rice, chicken and Irish potatoes. I cook thrice a month.

Your most challenging time as deejay…?
Working with my daughter, and staying out with her at night. It was tough but I had no option. She would sleep under the DJ box.

What was your first date like?
I would rather not talk about it, because I might not handle the end results.

What don’t people know about you?
Many people think I am mean, but within is a generous person.

How do you handle work and family?
Much of my work is always at night, but the first thing I have mastered is communication. I always tell my wife about my programme, and I keep her posted.

Growing up, what was your dream?
I used to listen to music on radios. I admired DJ Shy and DJ Senior B. I always wanted to be a super star and famous.

Your life principle is…
I am always time conscious because that is important for every job.

Quick take
Your biggest fear is…? 
Disappointing the people I love, that is my mother, wife and children. The others would be my clients.

What do you dislike?
I cannot stand hypocrites. I love working with genuine people, because I am true to everyone.

The dresscode you prefer…?
It depends on the occasion. At the end of the day I look presentable.

Your two cents…
•To be a good DJ: you ought to eat, live, and breathe music 24/7.
•  Research, listen, learn software, music theory, practice transitions or scratching.

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