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Okello Okello is back with gags 

Comedian Okello Okello

The first editions of Okello Okello’s The Com You must learn to love yourself

You must learn to be there for yourself, to show up for yourself, to trust yourself. ‘Webelelemu.’ You have you, you are with you all the time. You cannot run from you. Stop avoiding yourself.

Love yourself. And you must grow at this. Because loving yourself, I tell you, that thing is hard. Because you know everything that the world does not know about yourself. You know your mess, you know your darks, you know all the times you have betrayed yourself, you know all the times you chose other people over yourself. You know all that is in your past. You know your wounds, your traumas, you know all that is yet to be fixed in yourself.

And all these parts, all these things you must learn to love. And then you must embrace the parts of you, that you do not know yet. There are sides to you that you are yet to meet. It is not like you wake up one day and you fully love all these things, you are going to learn to do this, you are going to work at it everyday, piece by piece, with falls, with rises, but you must grow in this love. You must be patient with yourself.

Some of the revellers that came and had a good laugh at Theatre Labonita. Photos | Isaac Ssejjombwe

And you must heal yourself. Heal your ancestral lines, heal your own personal lines. There is work you have got to do. And this is love, it forgives, it heals, it restores. Do this for yourself. Treat yourself with some care, do not be mean with yourself. You must take yourself to some breakfast, learn to smell nice for yourself, buy yourself some first hand clothes. You know, not every time you should be trying to save, especially when it comes to you, you must remind yourself that you matter. Small small acts.

And then, maybe in the process of loving you, may be you learn to love other people the same way, take them all in, see them as you see yourself, see them as beings that are trying just like you. And then know that they too, are doing some work, they are healing from some things.

And then we can all just love each other, our imperfections, our flaws, and then may be, we find God, and then may be we realise there was never a separation, we were all one. We were all fragments of the universe experiencing itself.edy Black Friday have been happening at National Theatre for the past seven years but it seems the comedian has other plans this year as he decided to start his shows at Theatre Labonita.

The first edition of the show happened last Friday evening with a fairly good crowd who made their way to the auditorium by 7pm.

The thing with Comedy Black Friday is that it gives an opportunity to fresh talent and it was not any different as burgeoning comedians such as MC Cash, Elvis Faki and Ray Wo got the opportunity to showcase their talents.

It was, however, Elvis Faki who cheered up the crowd with his stammering experience. Being one who speaks with a stutter, Elvis called on telecom companies to put them into consideration.

“Communication companies make a lot of money from some of us. We take long to pass on our message during phone calls. If you ordinary people stammer when vibing, imagine how we be when expressing ourselves,” he said.

Okello Okello, clad in a pink three-piece suit, came in during intervals and did one or two jokes before calling on the next performer.

Among his jokes was Uganda’s first gold medal in the Olympics that came from John Aki Bua.

A line-up of the comedians at this year’s debut edition. Far right is Okello Okello.

“The first Olympic medal came from a Luo. We have been running all our lives because of the rebels and you know in Olympics they use a gun so on hearing the bullet, he thought it was the rebels chasing him, that is how he managed to win the gold medal.”

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