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Ronald Mayinja ‘Binemye’: Another chameleon-e!


Singer Ronald Mayinja hugs NUP principal Bobi Wine ahead of the 2021 presidential campaigns . PHOTO/ FILE

Singer Ronald Mayinja’s name is back into controversy. For the last few days, the Tuli Kubunkenke singer has enjoyed public attention, especially on social media for another new ‘hit.’

In the new song titled ‘Binemye’ which has mostly attracted backlash, Mayinja sounds frustrated and disappointed following what he claims ‘relentless efforts’ to convince citizens to see the good things the government in power has done for their country.

“I have traversed Uganda from one border to another trying to convince and show the citizens what the government has done for them and what it plans to do in the next terms of office but all they say is that what Mzeyi has done is enough. They’re grateful for the good roads used by only the few who can afford to pay road toll, the good hospitals without medicine, the government jobs given to the few relatives and friends and that the 40 years he’s been in power are too many……,” Mayinja sings before admitting failure.

However, those who have been following Mayinja’s music career and are familiar with songs like Tuli Kubunkenke, Bizeemu, Mzeyi, Binemye, Ani agula ensi kuba tugitunda opined that he’s not different from a chameleon, which is known for camouflaging, especially when it senses danger.

Ronald Mayinja shakes hands with President Museveni ahead of the 2021 presidential election. PHOTO/ FILE

Many doubt his loyalty, given that t’s not the first time he seems to be changing political sides.

Just like Uganda’s ‘biggest’ musician, the legendary Joseph Mayanja, popularly known as Jose Chameleone, Mayinja as switched political sides countless times.

However, Mayinja has come out to insist that he was only exercising his artistic rights of expression and freedom of speech to appeal to the leader of his party, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), to resign peacefully.

I have not left NRM, it’s just that people fail to understand me. I am just calling out Sevo to retire peacefully,” he said in an interview with a local YouTuber.

One of Mayinja’s latest projects was a mobilisation song titled ‘Muzeeyi’ released  about two years ago, in which he was praising President Museveni, who was then defending his seat against National Unity Platform (NUP) president, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, for the good things he has reportedly done for Uganda.


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