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Fashion & Beauty

Power dressing in Kayanja’s lens

The position held by the top woman of any church comes with its own perks and expectations in equal measure. And while a high moral standing may be the most pronounced of these, your fashion sense is unequivocally important. Power dressing is something worth investing in if you are the one who is going to stand next to the man of God and support his work of fishing souls.

And we cannot speak of power dressing and not mention, Pastor Jessica Kayanja. The first lady of the Miracle Centre Ministries has been serving looks for years. In case you are still in doubt about how in control she is of her fashion game, maybe this style review can change your mind. Here is what we love about her sense of style.

Adding the power in a pair of denims

One of her signature looks is the high waist denims that she always pairs with a statement shirt and some heels. In the ordinary sense, it is not so easy to pull off these bottoms with such ease and sophistication, but Kayanja has mastered how to do that and she always looks stunning each time. If you are the kind that has been keeping their jeans for t-shirts and jeans only, you may want to rethink that.

Timeless is a given

You would think that being a mother figure to many and holding the ‘pastor’s wife’ title would keep her wardrobe boring, but not this fashionista. Kayanja plays with colour, fun and silhouettes for her fashion choices; something that makes her sense of style admirable and timeless. Whether she is wearing the traditional gomesi, or rocking one of her kente dresses, you will notice a flared sleeve or some sparkle added to the look.

It takes effort

Contrary to popular belief, looking good takes some effort. Do not be deceived that any woman you have seen walking around looking perfect woke up like that. Everything from hair, weight, make-up, down to manicure and fashion choices are thought through. No doubt, Kayanja pays attention to detail.

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