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Minayo opens up about music break, future projects and her relationship

Famed for songs like ‘Kateebe’, and ‘90 Degrees’ featuring Fidempa, Ugandan Dancehall artiste Brenda Naluzige popularly known as Minayo recently returned from a music break that she decided to take back in 2018. Her latest song ‘Bamusakata’ is running the airwaves which has made her comeback abit easy. sQoop Magazine’s Isaac Ssejjombwe had a one on one with the singer about her career, relationship with manager among other things and here are the excerpts .

Who is Minayo?

I am a Ugandan artiste who is God-fearing, very ambitious an entrepreneur, and most importantly a mother.

Where have you been you gave us some good music a few years ago and disappeared?

As you may know, music needs money, time, and focus and at the time I had books pending so I realised that I couldn’t do all of them at the same time as it was so exhausting. That’s why I decided to first go back to school finish my studies and return when ready. I am now back, more determined with all my focus is on music.

How does it feel, that your comeback song ‘Bamusakata’ has received massive Airplay?

Like any other business, when you are doing something and you get positive feedback, it’s a good feeling so for me ‘Bamusakata’ getting massive airplay isn’t just a good feeling but it is something that has challenged me to work much harder and has pushed me to become more ambitious. This is what I was praying for and seeing how the song has been received has made me more determined.

Do u give credit for the success of the song to the manager or yourself?

I give credit to my team, if you see Minayo today, it’s because I have a team behind me. They have been working effortlessly to make sure I am everywhere. I would be selfish if I took all the credit because they have worked so hard. My managers, my social media handlers, CEO Fenda Republic have been incredible and making sure my comeback is massive.

Why did you pick legendary radio personality Omulangira Ndausi as your manager?

When someone is family, it just happens automatically so saying that I picked Ndausi as my manager is wrong. He is family, family will always be there so when the time came and I knew it would work for me, we sat and talked about it to see if it would work out.

It was rumored that you chose him because you have a personal, intimate relationship with him.

I think people always love to hear such allegations but I don’t give relevance to such statements and if you have paid attention to Minayo I never come out to talk about my personal life.

Are you in a relationship anyway?

Well at the moment no, I am single and happy.

Back to music, should we expect an album, EP, what are the plans for the Minayo brand?

We started with ‘Bamusakata’ and we are set for the next project we are just giving it time to grow. I am so excited about this because I came back to work and like I said before I am so focused. I however can’t release an album right now because we are still in lockdown I don’t think it will be very beneficial or profitable for me to release an album at once. But we are working so hard as Fenda Republic and we can’t wait to give you good music.

Any collaborations in the pipeline?

I most definitely have several collaborations coming up but for now, I will not disclose with who as they will come as a surprise. Also, my management has to decide if I should give out that kind of news. But yes I have several collaborations already done and set to be released as we are waiting for the right timing.

Has Covid-19 has affected your comeback in any way?

Sure, covid has affected everything, no sector in Uganda hasn’t been affected by it. The music industry has spent almost two years closed. It hurts to release music knowing you won’t earn from it. I am just looking forward to the president opening the entertainment industry and we get back to business so I am not looking at earning right now but rather when they open up. This sector gives jobs to many people, DJs, waitresses, bars, and bouncers among others are out of business and jobs so hopefully, we can open soon.

Plans for a concert after gatherings have been opened?

Ummmm… I haven’t thought about a concert yet because I am still focusing on my comeback but if the comeback is so good, who knows, it is however not in my plans at the moment.

Any words for your fans?

I want to thank my fans who have been with me since day one, when I took the music break, some of them would look for me on my social media platforms wondering where I had gone. For those that don’t know me, try listening to my music, I am not a bad singer. Lastly I can’t wait to entertain Ugandans with my good music. Minayo is back and she is here to stay.

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