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Instead of comparing me to Keko, appreciate both of us- Recho Ray

Recho Ray real name Racheal Mirembe made a name when she jumped on the ‘Who is Who’ hip hop song trend that was started by rapper Fefe Busi. She further made headlines when she won two awards ‘female rapper of the year’ and ‘Rookie of the year at the 2019 MTN Hip Hop awards making her the only musician to take home two awards at the awards gala. With these awards, Ugandans thought she was the perfect replacement for Keko. She answers that and many more.

How best can you describe Recho Ray?

I am ambitious and self-driven. I thrive on challenges and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive towards. I’m not comfortable with settling, and I’m always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness.

Tell us about your musical journey?

My musical journey started from my childhood, my parents used to sing in the church so when I watched them on the TV, my interest in music started growing. I used to hear songs on TV and radio but I was still green about the artistes. I never knew who was singing which song but I enjoyed them. However, my journey in music started when I picked interest in Eminem and Lil Wayne’s raps. It was from them that I started exploring the musical world, I started learning about different rappers and rap music. It is from there that I started rapping to my friends and later started taking part in rap battles. I got my breakthrough song called ‘Who Is She’ in 2018.

Who inspired you to do music?

I have many sources of inspiration but a few rappers like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Rick Ross are the ones that made me want to do it.

Why Hip Hop?

Because rappers are the most entertaining people on this planet. Hip-hop music just gives me a vibe. Sometimes it makes me feel cooler than I really am, other times it makes me believe I can achieve anything.

Lately, you don’t do Hip Hop. What went wrong?

Am still doing hip hop but fused in different types of beats and instrumentals. I don’t limit myself

Some people regarded you as Keko’s replacement in the industry, what is your take on that?

We both contribute uniqueness to the industry and I think that should be what the fans recognize because it’s rare to find a female standout of the male-dominated genre.

You have won several Hip Hop accolades along the way, do you think you deserved them?

Yes, I did deserve them because I am always working hard to be my best.

Tell us about your family and school background?

I was born in Kireka and I am the last born of four children. I attended Pioneer day and boarding primary school, Namboole High school for my O level, and then Standard College for A-Level. I’m yet to join university for further studies. I want to learn psychology.

Did your parents approve of your joining music?

They gave me the benefit of doubt to try out music and see how far I can go and right now, they are seeing progress. However, being staunch Christians, they were first against it because they thought that I was deviating from what they believed in with my kind of music.

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